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    Looking for crane hire in Perth? JGB Cranes has the exact solution. Our business has helped all kinds of industries across Western Australia with their crane hire needs. JGB Cranes has crane hire solutions for construction, industrial, marine, and other lifting needs. We offer a wide-ranging fleet of cranes to match any job specifications. If you need crane hire in Perth, JGB should be the only place you look towards.

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Premier Crane Hire Company In Perth

JGB Cranes is the leading crane hire company in Perth, Western Australia. We have been in the crane hire business for more than 20 years and pride ourselves on offering affordable and reliable crane hire services for multiple industries and sectors across Western Australia. Our full range of lifting equipment has been designed to meet the needs of all kinds of crane operators. All of our cranes meet the Australian Standards (AS4801 and AS/NZS ISO 14001), offering complete crane safety through the best equipment available. Request a quote today to see how we can match you up with the right crane for your next project.

Crane Hire Perth: Types Of Cranes Available

At JGB Cranes, we offer one of the widest ranges of mobile crane hire solutions in Perth. Our well-maintained fleet includes Franna cranes, Tadano cranes, Liebherr cranes, and more. The full mobile crane hire services we offer include pack and carry cranes, slewing cranes and all-terrain cranes. These cranes cover lifting capacities from 3 tonnes all the way to 95 tonnes, making it easy to find the right crane hire solution for all kinds of jobs across Western Australia. We offer crane hire services for construction, industrial work, mining, work in the marina, and more. If you need a mobile crane, then our modern fleet will certainly include the right equipment for the job.

Why Choose Our Crane Hire Perth

Hiring cranes in Perth is an easy job with JGB Cranes. Our experienced employees make sure to match your project with the right equipment. We’ll carefully assess your job requirements, and find the exact specifications you need from our reliable fleet. Whether it’s a large-scale construction project with heavy-duty lifting requirements, our Perth crane fleet will have the right equipment for the job. JGB Cranes focuses on providing affordable crane hire without sacrificing quality. Our fleet consists of the best quality, modern cranes within the Perth metro area. All of our cranes offer good levels of mobility, as well as powerful lifting strength. At JGB Cranes, we have a wide-reaching network that enables us to source any type of crane. If you need something specific for a project, we’re the ones to get the perfect crane for you. We start with an assessment of what you need to lift and recommend the right crane for the job. Get in touch for a crane hire quote today to see how our hire services can match your Perth crane hire needs.

Heavy Duty Crane Hire In Perth

We’ve got a motto here at JGB cranes: “No job is too big, or too small.” So whether it’s lifting bricks and steels onto your next home build, moving heavy machinery into limited access areas, or lifting chillers onto the 25th storey of a CBD construction site, we’ve got you covered. Our fleet of cranes and counterweight trucks gives you the capability, capacity, and equipment to see your project through. With our team of expert rigger and dogman hire ready to attend your site, you get the support and service you need, no matter the size of your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile cranes are mounted on a type of carrier. This can either be a truck-type carrier, a crawler, or a special rubber-tyre platform. These self-propelled cranes are either hydraulic cranes with a telescopic boom or cable-controlled cranes. Mobile cranes can easily reach any site, and they can be used as lift and carry cranes to transport loads.

Whether they’re tower cranes, slewing cranes, all-terrain cranes, or more, all types of cranes have a few key features:

  • Control Station
  • Boom
  • Jib
  • Counterweight
  • Hook
  • Reinforced Steel Cable
  • Rotex Gear
Beyond these basic features, different types of cranes have different parts and specifications.

The lifting capacity is the maximum weight a crane can hold. This is generally measured in metric tonnes. The lifting capacity of a crane will change depending on how far the load is held at the end of the jib. The further the load extends, the more the load capacity decreases. Maximum lifting capacity is measured by being close to the centre pin of the crane.

Choosing the right crane hire equipment depends on the specifications of each job. Of course, you need to understand the lifting capacity of the crane and how much you need to lift for the job. You also need to understand the job site, and whether there will be any obstructions that the crane needs to work around. Different cranes also work on different terrains, so the ground should be considered when choosing crane hire equipment.

Mobile cranes are incredibly versatile. They can be used across all industries for most lifting requirements. If you need a crane to travel to hard-to-reach sites and transport heavy loads, then mobile crane hire is necessary.


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