Crane Hire Services

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Job/lifting requirement inspections, evaluations and advice

We at JGB Cranes ensure that the correct crane is supplied to suit the intended task. When required or when our clients are in doubt we attend the site of the proposed work to ensure that the most suitable crane is provided. We evaluate the site for access, lifting reach, crane positing, etc.

Wet hire of mobile cranes from 10 tonne to 350 tonne

All our cranes are fully maintained to ensure their reliability at all times. Our large variety of cranes allow us to service a wide range of applications. Whether you need to lift a spa into your back yard or to lift equipment into the plant room on a commercial building site, we can provide the correct crane to suit your needs.

Dry hire of mobile cranes from?

At times on larger projects it can be more efficient financially to dry hire cranage and provide your own suitable, qualified and licensed crane driver. At times we have available cranage for this type of hire.

Please contact us should you wish to explore this type of option.

Supply of fully licensed riggers

All our riggers are hired with our cranes as required by the OSH Regulations 3.23 & 4.54.
They are also available for hire, independent to the hire of cranes should it be required.
An example of this may be that you have multiple lifting requirements over your site and they can also act as a coordinator or all lifting requirements.

Total project logistics and lifting coordination on major projects

We can provide an experienced and qualified personal to be based on your site, either full time or part time to review your projects total cranage and lifting needs and in conjunction with yourself. The intent is to develop and implement a schedule and program that ensures the most efficient use of resources with respect to cranage and lifting requirements.

Installation of structural steel and mechanical equipment

Over the years we have developed our skills as a specialist installation company.
The target work that we pursue in this area are projects that have a high percentage of crane usage requirements. Our experience in this area is very extensive from projects in the Goldfields to the South West of Western Australia. We can provide all items of equipment including scissor lifts, cherry pickers, mobilization transport, site facilities, etc.

Removal and or relocation of mechanical equipment

Our target market for mechanical equipment is for clients that require a ‘one stop shop’ approach to relocating their plant. You may wish or have a need to relocate your business operations. We can remove all of your existing equipment and relocate it to your new premises. Our service includes; not just the relocation of the equipment but we can also provide fitters, pipe fitters, and boiler makers etc to ensure that you can leave the worry and the coordination of some of your most important assets to a truly professional and experienced operator.

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